Kids Race

Part of Micah True’s legacy in Mexico is that he inspired the Raramuri,(also known as the Running People), to return to their origins of long distance running. By honoring their age old traditions of foot racing, and Rarajipare Ball Racing, he celebrated with the communities of La Sierra, the joy of running free. Indeed, a renaissance of running has taken place in the Copper Canyons and the annual children’s race, La Corrida de Los Caballitos, prepares the next generation of Raramuri runners for the Ultra Marathon. Each year, hundreds of children participate in the 4km race race. Everyone who runs, wins school supplies, racing shirts, race medals and other gifts from world wide donations. Continue reading

Dogs of Urique

Just for fun, here’s a video about our four-legged friends in the small town of Urique where the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco takes place. During filming, I had an idea to make a video like this at some point, and this is the result.

Of course, the video features Caballo Blanco’s Tarahumara pooch ‘Guadajuko’, along with a bunch of other friendly canines. Enjoy!

- Sterling