Setting Up Your Screening

We’re thrilled to help you host a screening through This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your event, providing you with the details you’ll need to successfully promote your Tugg screening. After you’ve read the information below, you’ll be ready to fill out the Event Request Form, providing the Tugg team with the details they’ll need to process your request.

Creating Your Event

When submitting your request, you’ll start by providing the folks at Tugg with the ideal details for your event: venue, date, and time. Here are some tips to guide you along the way:

Venue: Tugg operates with a large number of national, regional and independent theaters nationwide. During the request process you’ll be prompted to enter a zip code, at which point the form will show you Tugg partnered theaters in your area.

Date: We suggest choosing a date at least 5-7 weeks away so that you have enough time to get the word out to your community. It’s also better to choose a Monday through Thursday as venues are more available on weekdays and thresholds tend to be lower.

Time: Showtimes on weekdays are generally 3:30PM, 5:30PM, 7:30PM, and 9:30PM, so it’s best to choose one of these time slots to ensure your screening request is approved.

Making Your Event Special

Customize the program for the evening by requesting additional time for special features to go along with the film screening. Introductions, discussions, Q&As, etc. can transform your screening into a true event, much more engaging than a typical movie showing. The Event Details section of your form includes two boxes where you can provide info that will be included on your Event Page:

Event Description: This is a synopsis of your event – your pitch to the world for why folks should attend – be sure to stress the spirit of the film and why people need to see the movie together.

Special Features Description: Think about what special features you’ll want and list them here – your Tugg Point Person will confirm the details with you and request the appropriate amount of extra time before and/or after the film itself. Note: If you think you’ll want to include special features but are not sure about the specifics, indicate that in these boxes and Tugg will block out the extra time for you.

More Ways to Customize: Fundraising & Sponsorship

Adding a fundraising element to your screening or finding sponsors for your event aren’t necessary, however they are great ways to involve your community and ensure your threshold is met!

Your Event as a Fundraiser

As the event’s promoter, you can choose to set up your event as a fundraiser, enabling event attendees can make contributions towards a given cause, charity or organization in addition to their ticket purchase. These contributions go directly to you, the Promoter, who is then responsible for getting the funds to the organization or cause.

If you’d like your screening to double as a Fundraiser, check the box in the “Fundraising” section of your Tugg Event Request Form and a Tugg team member will be sure to follow up with you about next steps after you submit your request.

Contribution Levels & Perks: You can have up to 5 levels of contributions, and you can associate a reward (Perk) and/or description with each level. Attendees will be able to select the amount they would like to contribute in addition to their ticket purchase. We recommend including a perk with the contribution – no matter how big or small, a token of your appreciation can mean a lot to someone. Note: The minimum contribution level cannot be less than $10.

Finding a Sponsor for Your Event

One of the best ways to fill up the seats for your event is by partnering with a local organization, business, or individual who is interested in sponsoring your event. Sponsors for screenings can opt to support the event by purchasing tickets and giving them out to community members, or supporting the event through other means, such as promotional efforts.

Additionally, Tugg allows events to use the “sponsorship tool” which allows event sponsors to sponsor screenings for certain price points, with the amount of the sponsorship going to subsidize either the full ticket cost or part of the cost. If you would like to consider using this feature, check the Sponsorship box in the Event Request Form. Note: In order to utilize Tugg’s Sponsorship Tool, you’ll need to secure the sponsor prior to publishing your event page.

Completion and Processing of Your Event Request

Once you’ve completed the form, you’re ready to submit your request to Tugg! Tugg will then review the request details, contacting the theater for approval based on your provided details. Please note that this can take anywhere between 4-5 business days. If there are details that require amendment prior to submission to the theater, a Tugg representative will be in touch to work with you to adjust your request.

Once the theater has confirmed availability and approved the event, you’ll receive your Tugg Event Page through which folks can reserve their tickets and find out more details on the event. This is the page that you’ll want to share far and wide!

You’ll note that on your event page there is a unique URL below the film poster that looks like this: Be sure to use your unique URL when sharing your event, as it will allow you to utilize Tugg’s Promoter Analytics Tool and see the success of your various forms of outreach. For more information about Promoter Analytics, visit the Tugg Tools section of this Screening Resource Kit. Please note: You will need to be logged into your Tugg account when sharing to make sure your efforts are properly tracked.

Spread the Word

Now that you have your page, it’s time to spread the word! To get started, check out the Sharing Your Screening page.