At Your Event

Theater Check-In
You’ll need to arrive at the theater an hour before the screening to check in with the theater management. If you have any special features or need to take tickets, this time can be used to discuss the details with the manager.

Event Details
On the day of the screening, you’ll receive an email with the pertinent details for your event. If you’re responsible for taking tickets, we will provide you with an Attendee List attached to the email. If you do not receive this email at least two hours before your screening, please contact

Attendee Tickets
All attendees should arrive with either a printed out Tugg ticket or an electronic version of the ticket on their mobile device. If an attendee’s ticket is not available, you can check them in by their name or ID using the Attendee List.

Sample Introduction
The introduction is a time for you to introduce the film, thank the audience for attending, and mention anything you’d like the audience to keep in the back of their minds while watching the film. Here’s an introduction template, and be sure to read the second page for an example:

Thank you very much for coming to this special screening of “Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco” presented by [Your Name/Organization Here]. This event truly couldn’t have happened without you!

[Other Topics to Mention: The Film’s Synopsis, Contributions on Your Event Page (if any), Background on Yourself or Your Organization, Ways to Help, Your Experience Hosting a Tugg Screening]

– Premiere at the Boston Marathon (Presented by Saucony)
– Winner of Best Documentary at 2015 Arizona International Film Festival
– Winner of Bud Greenspan Film Award presented by Track & Field Writers of America
– Nominated for Best Documentary, Best Documentary Director and Best Documentary Producer at the Madrid International Film Festival
– Winner of INDIE Fest Award of Excellence

If you enjoy the film tonight, I’d ask that you to tell your friends and family about it, and encourage others to host screenings through Tugg. This is a small film with a huge heart, and it’s going to need our help to reach the world! For more information on how to host screenings, please visit

Thanks again for your support, and please enjoy Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to take photos at your screening! We love it when Promoters send us pictures of all those smiling attendees! Email them to

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