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Movie Review: Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco
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Run Free – The Caballo Blanco Biopic

Movie Review: Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco


Everyone’s differences in how they may view the world disappear and all become one in what they take away from the film. Truly astonishing in my opinion that it can touch and move all in such a deep way.


A beautiful and moving tribute to Micah, his dream and the people who’s lives he touched. It left me smiling with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was priviledged to have met him and honoured to have been present to say farewell at Los Alisos in 2013.

– Peter


Just finished watching the movie… What a beautiful tribute!! I want to say thanks to everyone involved in making this happen, Sterling, Maria, and many others… but more specifically to Micah for being a dreamer and a good friend to everyone. You’re greatly missed, amigo, you made the world a little better :)

– Mauricio


Great work, all! Micah and I went around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala twice in the late ’80s, he running and me on a mtn bike. He’d be in front on the very steep climbs, I’d catch him on the flats. He stayed in little “hotels” with beds of wooden slats and no mattress, I carried light camping gear. In the photo I took of him (25 min. into the movie) there, his T-shirt reads, “Support Women Athletes.” Several friends were in a restaurant in Panajachel, on the lake, when he came in and told us that the Maya kids in the little villages on the lake were calling him Caballo Blanco. Of all his names: Michael Hickman, Gypsy Cowboy, Micah True and Caballo Blanco, his favorite was Caballo, given to him by the kids. He always stuck up for the “least of these.” God bless you, Caballo. RIP.

– Evan


I felt as though I came to know Caballo Blanco. It was nice to see his story at last. Very well done..awesome.

– Robert


A wonderful story. A terrific tribute. A real treat to watch.

Thank you!

– Dean

Thank you. That was beautiful, truly beautiful.

– Terran


I wanted to let you know that my wife and I had a chance to watch the movie over the last week and we loved it! I felt it was a respectful tribute to Micah and the Tarahumara. It was really great to see the Copper Canyon and how personal Micah felt about protecting the culture of the people and the integrity of the race.

I liked watching Micah get annoyed when asked questions about boxing because it was not relevant to his reality today and what he found his purpose to be. I relate because 20 years ago a doctor said I would be dead at 30 from alcohol and drug abuse, today at 40 not drinking for 20 years , running and helping others is more important to me…if someone asked me about how much trouble I got in 20 years ago Id get annoyed and want to protect what I care about today.  I liked seeing it was personal for him.

I was curious also how you would show his passing. It was very respectful. I think a lot of people felt connected with Micah’s story not only in the ultra running communities but within the NYT best selling community too. What you have shared with us enables the extended family to grieve and say good-bye.

– Maxwell


You have created a magnificent tribute to Micah’s life!  I don’t know if I’m spelling it correctly, but “mi terra bah” (thank you)!  From the very beginning, the scenery and the background building the story of Micah’s life, this movie captures the free spirit of how he lived.

It will set an example for all of us as we take our inspiration and “play it forward”, finding ways to help others and connect with the nature that he loved.

This movie is also a love story – true and clear – between Micah and Maria, and it was an honor for us to have watched as your love grew.

Thank you so much for this wonderful work of art; it will capture the running world when it is formally released and we look forward to seeing it again in the theater surrounded by so many of Micah’s followers.

– David


Thank you for an honest and inspiring presentation of a truly wonderful man. I am grateful to have had the honor to see your work prior to its official release. I must admit I took a few days to prepare myself for the viewing of this film.  Much like the first time I met Micah, I took a hesitant pause to reflect on the awe inspiring moments that inevitable lay head.  And much like the first time I met Micah, I had to ask myself after…Why did you wait so long?

This film was like flipping through a family album – turning a page with a laugh, turning another with a cry, staring longingly at others with some regret, but at the end shutting the book completely fulfilled. Thank you for capturing the life of not only the man that inspired so many, but also the lives of those that loved him. For this is his true legacy – the ability to inspire others to be better than they ever thought they could be. And trust me this legacy will live on. Thank you again for letting me share in this celebration of Micah.

– Tim


Congratulations!  I am truly moved by the film.  You have succeeded beyond our expectations!  We at the Leatherman loop community in New york will do all we can to spread the word on the film to keep micah’s message alive.   So very grateful for all you’ve done!  Thank You so much!

With love,  Mike


It’s a beautiful and inspiring movie. I hope it reaches a wide audience.

– Barry


Maria,I just finished watching the the film and I have tears of sadness and joy!  I feel truly honored to have known micah and his incredible message and to have had him stay at our home with our family was a special gift that we all cherish.  The film has done a WONDERFUL job telling his story!  It needs to be told and we are all grateful for everything you have done to keep the message alive.  For me, the best part of the story was the LOVE that you brought to Micah!  As you said he lived doing what he loved but like all of us  he needed love and he found the LOVE he was looking for in you.  Those are my tears of JOY.

Thank You so much for all of who you are!  I know, like Micah, you mary not feel comfortable with the praise but i just needed to let you know how i felt after watching the film.  We will do everything we can with the Leatherman Loop Community to keep his message alive.  So Very Grateful!

–  Mike


I just saw the full Run Free documentary and wow. Pure joy, beauty & heartache.

– Christopher


I just finished watching the movie and I don’t think it could have been done any better. Certainly a 10 out of 10 and you captured what I experienced fully. Excellent editing blending years into one story.

–  Ellis